solar power
wind energy

bio energy

Renewable energy corporate programs are driving the renewable energy revolution.

We guide your corporate trip in the field of renewable energies.

Our goal is to enable companies around the world to use clean, renewable solutions on the path to active energy management. A comprehensive strategy for renewable energies and cleantech in the company enables you to identify challenges and opportunities while at the same time helping to involve stakeholders, remove obstacles and minimize risks.


technology development

Investlease has been supporting technologies for over 8 years in order to make an ecological and ethical contribution to our future.

Together with our partner network, we are planning to set up economically efficient production companies at various international locations.

Investment & Strategic Planning



M&A / corporate finance

Investlease PLC, based in London, is a consulting company specializing in the care of companies and investors with high growth potential.

As an M&A / corporate finance advisor, our clientele includes different industries in different phases of the company. There is a high level of expertise in supporting companies in corporate finance.

As part of this activity, we currently offer exclusive investment opportunities in international banks and banking frameworks.



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